Tracking My Internets

1:00 PM- Sat down for Digital Video Production 1, and opened e-mail tab, along with Facebook, Reddit, Imgur and Twitter. Start surfing Imgur.

1:02 PM- Came across something funny on Imgur, and linked it my friend Sergio Garcia via Facebook.

1:08 PM- found a graph that had a line graph of universities who are party friendly and study friendly, UT ranks as party and study friendly. Not satisfied with research, decide to investigate myself.

1:11 PM- Found that West Virginia University is the best party school in the nation.

1:12 PM- checked email and noticed that I stopped breathing while reading e-mails. Responded to station manager at radio UTD.

1:14 PM- went back to Imgur, and found a slightly racist but funny meme that I once again shared with my friend Sergio.

1:23 PM-  Zoned out hardcore on Imgur. Teacher asked what I was laughing about… I show him we share a laugh. Also I am responding to a text that was sent to me from Sergio. He liked the link I shared with him.

1:30 PM- Saw a bunch of pictures of grooms seeing their brides on the wedding day, thought about why they are not supposed to see each other. Went to Google to find out why this is..

1:32 PM- The bride and groom weren’t allowed to see each other until AFTER they were married in case one of them was ugly and the other wanted to run screaming for the hills!  No joke!

1:33 PM- Back to Imgur.

1:34 PM- Got a text from a market research group, and they told me I qualified for a survey.

1:35 PM- went to Schlesinger website to confirm Survey for this evening. Found out I would make $75.00. SO excited… Back to Imgur.

1:43 PM- Whilst surfing Imgur found a mix of really delicious shots, and it intrigued me. I favored the snapshots, and I want to make them.

1:48 PM- Saw an emotional Pokemon comic. Feels ensued.

1:51 PM- Seeing that Alabama is going through a lot weather related problems right now. Decide to check CBS and find out National Guard has been deployed due to “Disaster”. Back to Imgur, Don’t care anymore.

1:58 PM- Found out how Sriacha is made via Imgur.

2:00 PM-  Still on Imgur. Still in class, Still Awesome.


The number one thing I realized about this little experiment is that I spend way too much time on Imgur. This is a good thing and a bad thing. For instance, I need to pay attention to my teachers, and see what the subject matter for the is going to be, yet I learn more information from using this website than most other media outlets. When I started to track my internet usage I wanted initially to just stay on Facebook, but immediately  I found myself surfing Imgur. Although the content is distracting, and hilarious, its an important tool for me. From my tracking, I see a pattern. When I find something that intrigues me the subject matter will send me on a spiral of web surfing, and information gathering. Utilized correctly, my internet usage serves as an important utility for my success and knowledge in the cyber world. 



In the multifaceted world of broadcast and media, internet radio is a trend that is growing more and more each day. The days of AM/FM radio are sadly ending, making way for more subject focused talk shows, and music programs. As a DJ for Radio UTD, and an aspiring talk show host, I myself am part of this evolutionary trend that is taking radio culture to a new level. Radio and The Changing World is a blog dedicated to revealing the different outlets of internet radio and how they inform, entertain and revolutionize the cultures of the world as we know it. Anybody who uses Pandora, NPR, Last F.M, or even still tunes in to their car radio every once in awhile, should stay well informed on the subject matter of internet radio. With some critics arguing that radio is a dying market, I am here to say its not, and it is just the beginning of an entirely new market.