Twitter Role


Russ Martin is the host of the Russ Martin show on FM 97.1 DFW. His show is aired through IheartRadio internet radio, and constantly trying to implement more media to the metropolitan station.


@Howard Stern

Although a tad abrasive, Howard Stern is influential for moving from FM frequency to XM radio a move that allowed his listeners to be more accessible to him.



NPR which is owned by KERA promotes plays and strongly supports local radio, across the globe, and promotes the local community radio act.



Wave streaming is a startup site that helps anybody launch at home radio stations. They have very good reviews from, and are very helpful in teaching an individual the trades of the internet broadcast world.



The student run internet radio station that streams live from the Student Union in Richardson TX. RadioUTD continues to implement more media related subject matter into its programming.



A website and group that advocates and enforces the Local Community radio act which restricts larger corporations from monopolizing FM/AM frequencies.



Clearchannel is the corporation that owns the rock and oldie stations  of DFW. Clearchannel is always growing each year, and has multiple outlets in all the broadcast aspects of DFW including internet radio.





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