Annotated Blog Role

                Wave Streaming is a site that is used by Amateur radio or disc jockeys that teaches them how to build, design, and launch their very own personal radio stations. Although the site only covers the buildings of an internet radio station, it is still very helpful in explaining how to make it in the industry of broadcast. Wave Stream also offers one on one help to anybody willing to learn the mastered secrets of making a successful radio station. Since it began in 2004, Wave Stream has added a monthly blog that introduces users to new stations made by current users of Wave Stream, and explains concepts and building blocks to making each station successful.

                Mark Ramsey is a known media strategist that has worked and preformed research on multiple fronts, including radio. He is a professional speaker and has written two books involving radio titled Making Waves: Radio on the Verge and Fresh Air: Marketing Gurus on Radio. Ramsey writes a blog that he stays active with, writing posts every two or three days. In a recent post Ramsey focused on the wonder of radio, and how stories and messages are always in the now. Movies have special effects and visually pleasing aesthetics, while radio only has the power of tone and word usage. His blog digs deep into the unnoticed realms of media. Very researched focused, his blogs define the fundamental roots of how we, as users, see and use radio on the frequency and the internet front. Ramsey has consulted for multiple companies including Apple, Pandora, CBS, Sirius XM, and my personal favorite Clear Channel.

                The Brad Blog is a blog written Bradly Louis Friedman. Friedman is a software programmer, blogger, journalist, actor, and radio broadcaster. Friedman currently has a show off KPFK 90.7FM based out of Los Angles, and a long time guest host of the Mike Malloy show (an ex CNN writer and reporter). Friedman uses his broadcast abilities to a different standard; majorly discussing on the topics of politics, Friedman uses his voice to object against investigations, and other various federal and state level scandals that occur. His views are highly opinionated, but his stance in dedication to the work and research he performs are phenomenal. Friedman’s blog is a shining example of how radio is being stretched revolutionize out culture as we know it.

                NPR, or National Public Radio, is broadcast syndicate that serves many local radio stations across the United States. Privately funded, NPR is a nonprofit company that continues to serve and explore the realms of what is possible on public radio. Over the years NPR has been subject to public scrutiny; in 1994, NPR tried to cover three minute segments of a journalist who allegedly killed a police officer in a trial that was never fully disputed. The U.S. Congress intervened and prevented such a thing from happening, but in this act congress proved that NPR has a powerful effect on people. The attempt by NPR to push the envelope on content in broadcast deems them a viable and trustworthy source.

                Launched in 2000, Pandora is the leading provider in free internet radio. Pandora does not stream the traditional stations that we all know today. Pandora takes a song or artist that the user chooses and creates an entire station revolved around music that is similar to the users choice. Pandora has innovated the idea of internet radio and created something entirely different. Their blog presents new ideas for the structure of Pandora, and various different artist’s profiles as well as interviews.  Pandora also makes themselves accessible through almost every platform a user could have.  Pandora serves as the pioneers for free music streaming, and continues to fight to do so. Although only available in New Zealand, America, and Australia, Pandora continues to fight for their user friendly radio stations.

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