Keep It Together

The radio industry is facing a new challenge of battling with the electronic world of cellphone and desktop apps. We all know what they are and we have used them. The days of disc jockeys battling for ratings have almost been replaced with how many users can download an interface to their phone, allowing them to tune in to their favorite stations. Recently developed applications have allowed users to become more familiar to the radio, away from the traditional sense of frequency, but rather on a computer. On top of that some have moved to merge the two markets without loss of the other.

Mark Ramsey recently sat down with Bill Freund in an interview to discuss the new app he has designed known as Clip Interactive. With the use of regular frequency radio, Clip interactive will allow the users to pause live radio, record segments of their favorite songs, and even identify songs like in the popular app Shazam.  The app is only launching through five markets at the moment, but plans to launch a nationwide reveal.  While continuing on the front of internet radio, Freund intends Clip Interactive to become more connected with frequency radio, as opposed to just solely internet.

In an article written by Jason Gilbert, he discusses the fundamental roots of why internet radio will surpass frequency radio soon. Gilbert argues that Site like Pandora, ITunes, and Spotify will ultimately put frequency radio out of business. He also feels as if that frequency radio will die off soon, and is almost certain about it. Suggesting a few ways in which this new internet radio era could define us, Gilbert also describes this as a revolutionary change in the life of radio, and music.

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