The Rat Race

The topic of whether or not terrestrial radio will meets its demise is that of a big one in Radio and the Changing world. I do advocate the continuation of terrestrial radio, but it has a lot in common with the platforms that are forming in internet radio. The interesting aspect is to observe how these two platforms with such different motives, coexist with each other to turn over how we as the listeners interact and use each specific platform.

I did some research on a new app recently known as Milk, and its design matches that of terrestrial radio. You can search through different stations by genre, but you end up being presented with a wider range of music than terrestrial radio. Milk will rise up in the internet radio world and attempt to change the way we use internet radio. Like mentioned in my past research, Milk boasts on its ad free space, and its ability to function easily between music. Jerry Del Colliano states that this is one of the first steps in creating a world where radio is the ultimate media hub for the world. Although Colliano states that morning shows are outdated, and I disagree with that, he strongly emphasizes on how commercials ultimately dissuade people from using any radio platform. Ads will be here to stay there is no doubt about it, and if a user is pushed away by a couple of commercials then maybe they need to re think how they really like to enjoy radio.


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