Hey Radio, Where are you going?

2014 is an exciting time to be alive. In this day and age everything is changing, especially technology. The days of a family gathered around a radio are over. Dying radio markets are not something to be sad about, but rather embraced. When radio first came about it was designed to be a device used to transmit news and information across the masses. As time moved forward it became an outlet for musicians to not only play their music, but to advertise as well and allow others to discover it. Terrestrial radio was once the outlet for new music to be discovered, but now internet radio has stepped in to change the game. Just because terrestrial radio is dying doesn’t mean that all these intentions will end too, it just means that there is room to innovate the already existing platforms that we grew up on. The Future of Radio recently asked some individuals how they see the future of radio playing out, and each person had a different take on where this industry will head.


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