Wikipedia is a site we should all be familiar with. The site we use to rip most of our source material for essays, you know the one. Wikipedia, the online collaboration site for many bits of information, has made a name for itself by having the answer to all the questions we have always wanted to know about people, places, and things. By allowing multiple people from around the world to add more information about a topic, Wikipedia is now one of the biggest collaboration sites the world has. I have always used the site myself, and always assumed that one had to be a special member in order to add edits to pages. Anyone with an internet connection can add edits the wiki pages it’s just up to that person to do the proper research.


Recently I got a chance to add some information on Wikipedia about one of my favorite talk show hosts, Russ Martin host of the Russ Martin show on 97.1 the Eagle. Since Radio and the Changing world is a radio based blog I chose to edit information of a local celebrity in the radio industry. Martin was arrested in 2008 for alleged assault charges on his then fiancée. After a lengthy 8 months in court, Martin finally accepted a plea bargain in which he was to do probation instead, and had his charges dropped to misdemeanors. Although a huge fan, I still advocate the fact that posting information like this is essential. I want to mention again I have a lot of respect for this man. He has used radio to not only forward his fame, but has used it to help others and those around him. Martin has started a charity foundation in which he supports the fallen officers and fire fighters of DFW, and pays adequate tribute to their families. I felt that it was necessary to add the controversial information about Martin to his Wikipedia page because it happened, and it was not already there. In order for this not to come back and haunt me I created the edit with a username that deviated from my main account. Multiple sources were available from the start due to the media frenzy all that had occurred when Martin ran into this dilemma. The edit itself was very short, but the information was acceptable for my cause. I have always heard people discredit Wikipedia because they believe the information is “not true”. When in reality the better way to state it would be inaccurate. Nobody can just throw random information to a Wikipedia page and expect it to stay. If information that is not true is posted the user will usually be banned from using the site anymore. I am glad I took part in this experience of editing a Wiki page. Although the content to which I added was sort of demeaning to Russ Martin the act of collaborating opened the door for other fans to assist in furthering what I added. This is the point of a Wikipedia page and this is only the beginning for what it could do for future sites.


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