Nirvana’s Last go

Twenty years ago Rock and roll said goodbye to Kurt Cobain, front man for the grunge rock band Nirvana, due to a self-inflicted shotgun wound. Last night his legacy prevailed when Nirvana was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Alongside other Artists, the remaining band members of Nirvana lit up the stage with their memorable songs and celebrated the successful run their band had endured. Nirvana revolutionized a genre of music that opened the door for other artists to pave their own style of rock. The grunge era hit 1994, and it hit fast due in part by terrestrial radio. As a Nirvana fan I was very pleased to see that this band was receiving such a high honor. I am not here to talk about how great Nirvana was though, in fact I am writing to talk about their publicity in the realm of radio broadcasts that the band went through before, and after, their highlights as a sensation, and how they brought the fans closer to their music. Carrie Borzillo wrote about her experiences moments after Cobains death in Seattle Washington. Borzillo states that she heard of the news first on a Seattle radio station. The news spread fast because off the same Seattle station. Pretty soon the entire city of Seattle was lit up with candles and in morning of Cobain’s death. In the 90’s, radio still prevailed, and its relevance was still important. Nirvana came to fame because of their albums being streamed through terrestrial waves. Of course they toured, but the main outlet for music was still terrestrial radio. So many fans heard the news of Cobain simultaneously, especially in Seattle, because a radio was on everywhere. Today’s music does not have the same impact as it did in 1994. Having music ready to go at our fingertips through the internet is fun, and always very entertaining, but I feel sometimes it moves us away from the personal level to the artists. Fans were empathetic to Cobains’ death, and thousands of fans mourned his death. I think this had to do with the exclusiveness of their music being played through terrestrial waves. Internet radio has spoiled the music fan, and has changed how an artist can become famous. So for now let’s just celebrate one of the last bands to take hold of the terrestrial waves, and use it to its advantage.


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