Fall of the Local Edge

If you have ever listened to DFW radio then you are probably familiar with 102.1 the Edge, an alternative and rock station that is owned by Clearchannel communications. In high school, I remember always listening to the Edge, mainly because I didn’t have a CD or MP3 player in my car. The Edge always played music that I enjoyed, and promoted concerts that interested me. Through the Edge, I started to formulate my interest in radio and gather an idea of what it would be like to have a show. Among many of the shows that motivated me to pursue radio, one of them was known as the Adventure Club with Josh Venable. The Adventure club played different tunes outside the realms of its normal music from DFW and outside the state with the motive of bringing awareness to different artists. The Edge then added the Local Edge and had it hosted by Mark Selectman. The Edge has now cut the local Edge from the waves all together, and I do not approve of this decision.

The Local Edge was very successful in its run as a station. Mark did a phenomenal job at promoting the bands that did not get the attention they deserved. The band Phoenix launched its career sky high after Mark featured their song 1901 on the Local Edge. The local Edge was very special to me not only because I enjoyed the show, but because the show itself strived to bring terrestrial radio back to its roots. Corporate terrestrial radio overplays various different songs, and some of the time the music is not that great, the songs are getting played because the record companies have the dinero to make it happen. This aspect is killing radio day by day. This is not what we should be teaching to the next generation about how radio works. It makes me sick that Clearchannel does not see the past the financial gain of the local Edge and see the bigger picture of what the show did for the listeners of DFW. I feel that listeners of DFW radio or any radio station should be able to decide what bands should be up next in the world of fame, not the stations themselves. On the flip side of this situation, Mark will not be booted off the air for good. Mark will now move over to host the Adventure Club, but he will not feature local acts. In an interview conducted after his show cancellation Mark remains confident that he be able to influence the station to bring back local music. I never felt that I disapproved of corporate agendas until I started writing in Radio and the Changing World. The more and more research I do I find that most of my favorite stations are owned by nation wide companies, and sometimes it deters me from following into the field, but other times it motivates me. If you enjoyed the Local Edge or ever gained anything from the show, I strongly urge you to write a letter to Clearchannel Dallas. We are the people who make these stations what they are. If we didn’t listen then they would be nowhere.

14001 Dallas Pkwy #300
Dallas, TX
(214) 866-8000

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